Case Studies

Our customer and partners use our Network-as-a-Service platform for a wide range of networking use cases, including fast data transfer between remote locations, secure cloud connectivity, accessing ecosystems, and more.

DoubleVerify Case Study

Connecting Data Centers, Cloud, and Internet Exchanges

DV needed the flexibility, availability, and responsiveness that PacketFabric provides

Linode Case Study

Network Backbone

Linode uses PacketFabric for a fast, easy, and scalable solution for network backbone connectivity.

TDK/InvenSense Case Study

Scalable, Predictable Cloud Based Data Backup

InvenSense reduces projected cloud storage costs by greater than 30% compared to alternative solutions.

CacheFly Case Study

Connecting the World to Low Latency Content with PacketFabric

CacheFly gained the flexibility to deploy multi-100Gb, carrier grade bandwidth globally, without the cumbersome processes and delays introduced by carriers.

Hivelocity Case Study

Connecting Bare Metal Cloud to the Market

Hivelocity can now manage interconnections between all their physical locations, their customer connectivity and bandwidth to the cloud on a just-in-time basis.

Smule Case Study

Data Center-Based Object Storage

Smule gets the benefits of cloud storage with PacketFabric Space, while enabling users to retain control of sensitive data.

Kadokawa Case Study

Scalable Cloud Storage and Backup

With PacketFabric, Kadokawa saves nearly 90% compared to its legacy on-premises object storage system

LADB Case Study

Fast Data Transfer

LADB supports its clients in the entertainment industry by using PacketFabric for fast, secure data transfer.

QTS Case Study

Expanding Service Offerings

QTS expands its hybrid cloud solutions to offer customers fast, secure, and scalable connectivity with immediate visibility and control over their network traffic.

Opti9 Case Study

Secure AWS Connectivity

Opti9 uses PacketFabric as a secure on-ramp to Amazon Web Services to support its enterprise customers.

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