Linode Case Study

Linode achieves faster time to market, greater network stability and visibility with PacketFabric

The Challenge

The Linode network team was looking for a way to gain greater flexibility and faster time to market in bringing network bandwidth online to meet growing customer demands. In addition, the team wanted to ensure that it was getting the most reliable services possible to support its backbone requirements. 

The team chose to conduct a comparison test of point-to-point networking services from both PacketFabric and a legacy telecom carrier. The connection with the legacy carrier took more than 90 days to turn up, and over a three-month period, the telecom carrier’s cross-country span went down over ten times due to fiber cuts. In contrast, “PacketFabric was quick, easy, and reliable,” said Dan Spataro, Linode’s Director of Network Engineering. “All features were available through the PacketFabric portal. Once the cross-connects were run, services went uninterrupted during our testing period.”

The Solution and Result

Linode chose PacketFabric over the legacy carrier to enable the team to rapidly deploy secure, reliable connectivity between remote data centers. Linode can provision services in minutes, while taking advantage of PacketFabric’s inherently protected service architecture. In the event of a fiber cut, traffic is automatically rerouted in less than 50ms.

Linode has gained increased agility, faster time to market, and improved network stability. The team can take advantage of PacketFabric’s rapid provisioning and consumable to manage the network backbone with flexibility in sourcing and consumption terms. Linode is currently using PacketFabric to connect all of their North American data centers, with plans to spin up new ports to reach internet exchanges and peers.

“The other carrier we tested had substantial delays, and the connection went down multiple times. By comparison, PacketFabric was quick, easy, and reliable. All features were available through the portal, and once the cross-connects were ran, everything just worked.”

Dan Spataro, Director of Network Engineering at Linoder

About Linode

Linode delivers cloud computing that developers trust. Linode was founded with the belief that in order to accelerate innovation in the cloud, virtual computing must be more accessible, affordable, and simple. Today, Linode is the largest independent open cloud provider in the world, serving nearly a million customers and businesses around the globe.The company’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform is deployed across 11 global markets from data centers distributed around the world, supported by a Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and a vast library of educational resources. Linode products, services, and people enable developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications more easily and cost-effectively in the cloud.

Linode invests significantly in its network to enable customers to build distributed applications, replicate data, and deliver optimal end-user experiences. Linode has leveraged its decade-and-a-half of operating expertise to build relationships with our peering partners that allow our traffic to travel faster. Linode also maintains a sizable global backbone network to connect its regional data centers.

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