TDK/InvenSense Case Study

InvenSense reduces projected cloud storage costs by greater than 30% compared to alternative solutions.

The Challenge

InvenSense was evolving its approach to data backup to be cloud-based, had chosen Rubrik as their enterprise backup solution, and required a secure Rubrik-integrated S3 endpoint.

Due to InvenSense’s customer-facing commitments for disaster recovery and business continuity, backed-up data needed to be 100% available on a 24/7 basis. From an implementation point of view, to maintain continuity, InvenSense would need to complete its initial migration of half a petabyte of data to cloud storage within 24 hours. Once migrated, InvenSense anticipated needing a great deal of flexibility in backing up and restoring data with low latency across different regions, and across cold, warm, and hot storage tiers.

After testing three major CSP S3 endpoints, the InvenSense team faced multiple challenges:

  • Unpredictable and potentially excessive cloud storage costs
  • Variations in fees based on cloud regions
  • Frequency of data access
  • Data readiness levels

This unpredictability was problematic because the IT team needed to provide a multi-year data management budget forecast to the business.

The Solution and Results

The InvenSense team discovered the PacketFabric cloud storage solution, and were immediately impressed with the cloud offering which provides a region-free service and triple replication across the U.S., making InvenSense’s data 100% available, 24/7 – always on in three regions.

With PacketFabric’s predictable pricing model, InvenSense could easily and confidently budget their cloud storage for the next 36 months.

  • InvenSense was able to reduce their projected cloud storage costs by greater than 30% compared to alternative solutions.
  • InvenSense was able to migrate encrypted data to a PacketFabric storage node data center in under twelve hours.

About TDK/InvenSense

InvenSense, a TDK group company is a world-leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms which targets the consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated Motion, Sound, and Ultrasonic sensor solutions. Founded in 2003, InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices around the globe.