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Agile Data Center
Interconnect (DCI)

Get flexible, high-speed, carrier-class
DCI network connectivity in minutes.

PacketFabric offers the industry’s most agile DCI solution, with on-demand Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) leveraging a global, 65+ Terabit optical transport network consumed flexibly by the month or longer terms. Connectivity between colocation data centers, public cloud providers, SaaS, and Internet Exchange providers provisions in real-time via portal or API. With PacketFabric DCI solutions, you can get carrier-class resiliency, five-nines SLAs, and performance predictability in minutes.


Optimize Your Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Architecture

Remove barriers and build an agile cloud core that delivers optimal outcomes

Modernize Your Enterprise WAN

Make backbone and data center connectivity responsive to your business

Improve Your Digital Operations

Deliver superior digital experiences while reducing cloud networking costs

PacketFabric NaaS: Built for Network Agility

Data Center Interconnection has long been a core aspect of enterprise WANs, yet is undergoing a significant evolution due to the need for greater business agility driven by digital and cloud transformation. DCI technology and consumption models have evolved beyond inflexible, long-term wavelength and Ethernet service contracts.

State-of-the-art interconnectivity between public cloud and private cloud data centers is an agile, API-driven network infrastructure service. Agile DCI solutions offer the scalability, high-performance, low latency, and high capacity bandwidth of private optical networking, but with the speed of provisioning and consumption flexibility of a cloud provider SDN.

Agility defines how PacketFabric built its carrier-class Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform from the ground up. At both the photonic DWDM layer and the Layer 2/3 routing/switching layer, the PacketFabric is wholly driven by API automation that enables on-demand provisioning and elastic consumption at monthly or longer terms with predictable pricing from metro to long-haul. Furthermore, the PacketFabric platform allows enterprises to provision up to 4K EVPL connections on-demand from a single 1G/10G/40G/100G port. The modular use of each port enables flexible network design for DCI applications, including disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios.

This agility of the PacketFabric NaaS gives enterprises the ability to design and deploy connectivity for their cloud ecosystem optimally and respond to changing business needs.

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Expand Your Reach

Our network’s global presence enables you to expand the reach of your business. Connect with ease between hundreds of colocation facilities around the world, and to cloud, IX and SaaS providers.

The Rise of the Enterprise Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Core

Enterprises are rapidly shifting applications to hyperscale cloud service providers (CSPs) like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and SaaS such as Salesforce and Cisco Webex. At the same time, many organizations have applications and services, and related compute resources that must stay “on-premises” for the foreseeable future due to security, privacy, or regulatory reasons. As a result, colocation providers and colo data center operators have become a critical anchor point of many organizations’ hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. In addition, with so many organizations building digital business operations, the ability to connect from data centers to Internet Exchange providers is an essential DCI use case.

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Point-to-point Connectivity

Forget expensive redundant waves, and connect global colocation facilities in minutes from 1Gbps to 100Gbps with turnkey EPL services.

Multi-Cloud Routing

Instantly turn on zero-touch, private and secure multi-cloud connectivity from 50Mbps to 100Gbps with our Cloud Router.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Easily create hybrid clouds between colocation sites and public cloud, IX, and SaaS providers with hosted or dedicated metro or long-haul connections at speeds up to 100Gbps.

Custom Networking

Create a customized network using any combination of ports, private point-to-point, dedicated or hosted cloud connections, and multi-cloud routing, at varying terms.