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We're the highly scalable software-defined networking platform

PacketFabric is a private layer 2 Network-as-a-Service, delivering instant, scalable, and secure connectivity between any two or more points on our network, at speeds from 50Mbps to multi-100Gbps.

The Capacity You Need, On-Demand

You shouldn't have to plan today for the capacity you might need next year. Meet changing business requirements by instantly turning network services up or down. Our platform scales effortlessly as your connectivity needs change.

Transparent Pricing, Flexible Service Terms

Never be surprised when your invoice arrives! All our services have transparent pricing and month-to-month terms, with discounted rates for contracts of one year or longer. We offer the connectivity you need, for as long as you need it.

An Easy to Manage Private Network

With our user-friendly web portal or API, you can easily manage networking services, instantly send connection requests to service providers, business partners or customers, and gain real time insight into your network performance data.

Here's what you can do with PacketFabric

01 Create and Manage Private Networks

Our platform creates private, direct connections between locations. Because we bypass the public internet, our connections provide lower latency data transport, and protection against interception or injection.

02 Securely Interconnect with Anyone, Anywhere

Instantly create a private connection to anyone on our network, regardless of physical location. Securely exchange traffic between your own locations, or interconnect with your business partners, service providers, and customers.

03 Instantly Reach Service Providers

Gain instant access to a rich ecosystem of service providers. From a single physical interface, you’ll be able to create multiple private connections to cloud service providers, IP transit providers, internet exchanges, and more.

We Support Open Source Projects
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