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PacketFabric Quick Internet

True Internet on demand,
as part of the Quick Connect Ecosystem

Quick Internet is a self-service Internet product available to PacketFabric customers. Not a customer? Click here to become one today.

Introducing a better, more accessible Internet product. With Quick Internet, every PacketFabric customer has access to instant high speed Internet with lower latency and higher performance. We achieve this by leveraging PacketFabric Quick Connect to provide connectivity over our software-defined networking platform using our high-performance transit network (AS1828).

Quick Connect also makes it easy to add independent capabilities including additional prefixes, geographic regions, higher bandwidth connections from different cloud providers, and/or dedicated ports.

It’s Time for a Better Internet

  • Fully automated transit product with zero software development or capital costs
  • Easy to set up and manage—get started in just a few clicks! 
  • Lowest latency routing for improved application and data transfer performance
  • Effortless communication with other customers using the PacketFabric platform

Easy as 1, 2, 3

PacketFabric Quick Internet streamlines a traditionally complex and frustrating process into one easy-to-use product.

Quick Internet enables route prefixes to be exchanged with the PacketFabric transit network—which gives you access to the Internet in just a few simple steps. 

That means you can reach the Internet from within your existing Cloud Router infrastructure on your connections. You’ll also be able to easily reach other customers using Quick Internet. 

diagram of the PacketFabric NaaS Platform
PacketFabric Quick Internet: The client Cloud Router can be connected to multiple cloud service providers, branch sites and colocation facilities.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to set up a call with our team and learn how Quick Internet will change the way you connect.