Customer Stories and Testimonials

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“PacketFabric enables us to provide a radically different communication platform for our customers.”

Phill Lawson-Shanks

Chief Innovation Officer, Aligned Energy

“We have an opportunity with PacketFabric to essentially utilize a PacketFabric metro footprint in both New York and Dallas, and we can augment where we actually have sites. And that’s particularly nice because it doesn’t require taking fiber to those sites, throwing switches everywhere, so it’s a great benefit for us to be able to utilize the PacketFabric infrastructure to serve the market better.”

Ed d’Agostino

Vice President, DE-CIX North America

“PacketFabric really brought this ability for us to continue to expand our FlexAnywhere platform and be a true network- enabled colo provider, along with bringing us large connectivity solutions that are dynamic and easy to provision.”

Tim Parker

VP of Network Strategy, Flexential

“There was no point in time where we felt like we were unimportant based on the revenue that we were going to generate for them in the short term.”

Mike Starr

Director of Infrastructure, OPAQ Networks

“Having all the data in front of me, being able to provision things in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months has been a game changer.”

Alex Typaldos

Network Engineer, Pilot

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“One of the things that differentiates PacketFabric for us is they’re really easy to work with, speed to market, and excellent economics for our customers.”

John Ferrel

Senior Director, Cloud Network Engineering Services, QTS Data Centers

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