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Connect to Microsoft Azure

Get private, reliable connectivity
to Microsoft ExpressRoute

PacketFabric is an official ExpressRoute Connectivity Partner, and our hybrid cloud connectivity product allows you to connect to Microsoft ExpressRoute at speeds from 50Mbps to 100Gbps.

From ANY of our on-net locations, you can connect to Microsoft Azure in any available market.

Automate cloud connectivity with our RESTful API, or by integrating with our Terraform provider.

Let us show you how easy connectivity to Microsoft Azure can be!

Private connectivity to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

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Our portal simplifies private connectivity to Microsoft Azure. By connecting over our Network-as-a-Service platform, you’ll completely bypass the congestion of the public internet.

Check out our demo video for hosted connectivity to Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure On-Ramp Locations

From ANY PacketFabric location, you can connect to Microsoft Azure in global markets.

Market POP City Operator Connection Types

Why PacketFabric?

Here’s how we make connecting to Microsoft Azure better.

Instant Provisioning

Connect to Microsoft Azure from your PacketFabric dashboard in less than a minute.

Secure Connectivity

By using our private network to connect to ExpressRoute, you’ll bypass the security risks of the public internet entirely.

Reliable Architecture

Thanks to our fully redundant architecture, your connection won’t be interrupted.

Built to Scale

Our platform is purpose built for high-bandwidth connectivity, with plenty of room to grow on our terabit-scale network.

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