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IX Connections

Connect to leading Internet Exchanges (IXs) in minutes

Want To Reduce Latency And Transit Costs With IXs?

Interconnecting with leading IXs often improves the routing efficiency of your data traffic. PacketFabric’s IX Connections makes connecting with IXs easy as 1-2-3.

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Provision in Minutes, not Months

Instantly provision via our self-service portal in three easy steps.

Step 1

Select IX Connections

Create your IX connection

Step 2

Select Create IX Connection

Choose from our partner IXs

Step 3

Select Source

Configure your connection and place your order

Connect to Our Partner Internet Exchanges

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With PacketFabric, you get instant access via portal and API to cloud and SaaS providers.

But unlike solutions where every connection is single purpose and inflexible, with PacketFabric, you can provision flexible ports for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud connectivity.

Every port on our network fabric supports up to 4,000 virtual circuits…

…so you can connect to multiple cloud and SaaS providers, Internet Exchange providers, as well as to other data center locations from local metro to across the globe.

Carrier-Grade Network

PacketFabric services are delivered by a global, carrier-grade Network-as-a-Service platform that overlays a highly resilient 77+Tbps private optical network with end-to-end automation. You get agility, performance, scale, security, programmability, five-nines reliability, and native visibility without compromise.

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Flexible, Predictable Pricing From Metro to Global

PacketFabric offers a comprehensive suite of services across a massively scalable global network, with predictable pricing from local metro to global long-haul. Choose month-to-month, longer terms, and even usage-based data transport to fit all your business needs. Carrier-class service meets cloud-like consumption.

Native Visibility

Telco connections require you to supply your own monitoring and telemetry. Not with PacketFabric. You get native visibility into EPL traffic, and interface traffic, error, and optical metrics.

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Knowledge Up

Want to know more details about PacketFabric and connectivity solutions?