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PacketFabric Cloud Router

The industry’s most scalable
and performant multi-cloud connectivity

Free Your Data to Create More Value

Multi-cloud networking has become a must-have as enterprises increasingly operate in multiple clouds environments. Yet inter-region and multi-cloud architectures have been limited by legacy connectivity methods, unreliable Internet VPN tunnel performance, and unpredictable egress traffic costs.

PacketFabric Cloud Router offers the industry’s easiest and most scalable multi-cloud routing solution.

No hardware,
on-premises network, or Ethernet ports required

Instant provisioning. Dynamic routing with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) sessions

Speeds up to 100 Gigabits via our 65+ Tbps global network. On demand.

You get a seamless, scalable way to unlock the value of your multi-cloud strategy

Uninhibited Performance

Not all multi-cloud routing is made equal. Legacy telco offerings require you to backhaul all cloud traffic to data center locations. Low-end cloud routers force all traffic to hairpin through a single virtual routing instance. Neither of these approaches can deliver predictable performance at scale.

PacketFabric Cloud Router is a fully distributed, edge-based network service built on our global, carrier-grade Network-as-a-Service platform powered by a highly resilient 65+ Tbps private optical network and end-to-end API-driven orchestration and automation.

Build a multi-cloud architecture with low latency and high throughput from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps within and between AWS, GCP, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Clouds.

Instantly deploy and manage multi-cloud infrastructure with our RESTful API, or Terraform Provider.

You get real-time provisioning, performance, scale, security, programmability, five-nines reliability, and native visibility without compromise.

Quick Connect

PacketFabric Quick Connect is a Layer 3 connectivity service that enables private, high speed, and secure connectivity between any service provider (SaaS, CDN, Analytics, Security, etc.) and their customers on the PacketFabric platform. 

With Quick Connect, organizations can instantly exchange routes between Cloud Routers, providing one-click connectivity to a service provider’s network—which provides a competitive advantage for the provider and their customers. 

More Opportunities for Service Providers

  • Private, Secure Connectivity Get access to fully automated, easy-to-manage private connections to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with no software development or capital costs
  • Easily Integrated for New Connections There’s no charge for a service provider to make their cloud router exportable
  • Add More Capabilities Independently add more prefixes, regions, or bandwidth
  • Simplified Deployment Set up is easy, with no need to manage Layer 3 connectivity with the customer and/or CSPs

Transformative Connectivity for Customers

  • Reduced Costs Stop investing additional capex in routing infrastructure and experience lower public cloud egress costs
  • Seamless Connectivity Across Clouds Eliminate the need to create accounts with any particular cloud service provider
  • Lower Latency Improve application and data transfer performance with the lowest latency routing
  • Secured Data Movement Get extra security by taking potentially sensitive data off the public internet
  • Easy Setup and Management Deploy without the hassle of managing Layer 3 connectivity with the service provider

Introducing Next-Gen Connectivity

What used to be a complex, expensive, and frustrating process for service providers and their customers is now streamlined in one easy-to-use service. To learn more about PacketFabric Quick Connect, check out our blog.

Quick Internet

As part of the Quick Connect ecosystem, PacketFabric enables instant, efficient, and high speed internet access for any customer on our platform. Quick Internet leverages Cloud Router as a distributed virtual routing service to provide connectivity over PacketFabric’s software-defined networking platform—streamlining a traditionally complex and frustrating process into one easy-to-use product.

With Quick Internet, you’ll get access to a better Internet for your business, including:

  • A fully automated transit product with zero software development or capital costs 
  • Easy setup and management—get started in just a few clicks 
  • Lowest latency routing for improved application and data transfer performance
  • Effortless communication with other customers using the PacketFabric platform
diagram of the PacketFabric NaaS Platform
PacketFabric Quick Internet: The client Cloud Router can be connected to multiple cloud service providers, branch sites and colocation facilities.

Cloud Router Use Cases

Cloud-to-Cloud Data Transfer
Disaster Recovery
Distributed Cloud Applications
Managed Layer 3 Connectivity

Cloud-to-Cloud Data Transfer


The customer needs to transfer data between different cloud providers. This is common in multi-cloud environments, or when a customer needs to rebalance their portfolio of cloud computing services to mitigate financial and technical risk, or to consolidate cloud solutions with a single provider.


With PacketFabric’s Cloud Router, data transfer between cloud provider virtual private clouds (VPCs) is quick, painless, and cost-effective. Transfer can be scheduled on the customer’s timeline.

Disaster Recovery


The customer relies on multiple cloud infrastructure providers for automated data backup and recovery, and requires reliable connectivity with native redundancy to recover mission critical data.


PacketFabric’s Cloud Router provides secure, cost-effective interconnect VPC networks in multiple regions or across public cloud providers, for fast and reliable multi-cloud disaster recovery.

Distributed Cloud Applications


The DevOps team runs their production kubernetes compute environment in Azure, but the data science team has built its machine learning models in Google Cloud Platform. They need to move data from Azure into Google Cloud to run their model and push the results back to Azure.


Within Cloud Router, virtual connections can be configured to connect their Azure and Google Cloud environments. Customers only need to select the Azure and Google Cloud Router locations where they want to connect, and can configure up to 1000 VPC subnet IP address ranges as needed to support distributed services models for building cloud-native analytics, SaaS, or IoS/Android mobile apps.

Managed Layer 3 Connectivity


The customer has a legacy MPLS network that connects many of their on-premises and colocation data centers. They are beginning their digital transformation initiatives but are faced with lock-in contracts with existing carriers. The customer needs a flexible partner that can accelerate their IaaS cloud deployments initially with a single cloud vendor, but will allow them to grow into multi-cloud solutions.


PacketFabric Cloud Router provides a high-performance Layer 3 overlay on top of the legacy corporate network and allows the customer to easily configure multi-cloud network connections to and between all supported public cloud service providers. Customers can also connect hybrid cloud data center endpoints via virtual circuits and configured VLANs.

Flexible, Predictable Pricing From Metro to Global

Avoid unpredictable costs for volumetric data transport with hosted direct connections that lower egress charges from leading cloud providers. PacketFabric offers a comprehensive suite of services across a massively scalable global network, with predictable pricing from local metro to global long-haul. Choose month-to-month or longer terms.

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