LADB Case Study

LADB uses PacketFabric for fast transfer of terabytes of data to support their clients in the entertainment industry

The Challenge

Los Angeles Distribution and Broadcasting (LADB) is a secure digital media and content facility providing services to the entertainment industry, including several major Hollywood studios and TV networks and more than 200 other production companies based in Hollywood.

In the middle of 2017, the company decided to examine its WAN connectivity options. Their current contract would be ending in January, 2018, and the time was right to find a new solution to support its growing customer demands. LADB needed a redundant, fault-tolerant WAN solution to support 24×7 operations, as well as enabling future Direct Connect options to major cloud computing service providers for an upcoming cloud hosted product launch.

The Solution

PacketFabric suggested diverse secure connections from LADB’s location in Burbank, CA to two different data centers (Coresite LAX1 and Equinix LAX1). PacketFabric worked with GTT to build a DIA circuit to LADB’s specifications, ensuring proper configuration prior to LADB’s go-live date.

ladb network diagram

The Results

  • LADB has seen their peak bandwidth spike significantly higher than their old solution, while being automatically load balanced between both Data Centers.
  • In testing, one circuit can fail and there is no noticeable difference to LADB’s end users.
  • As a solution, the PacketFabric platform can continue to scale for years to come without needing additional equipment or construction.

About LADB

LADB is a customer focused secure digital media and content processing facility offering its expertise in a wide variety of quality and cost-effective services with fast results. In 2002, LADB began offering its unique services to several major Hollywood studios and TV networks, as well as over 200 other production companies and leading streaming distributors. With their constantly updated infrastructure and rapid turnaround services, LADB began a steady rise as a trusted name when their clients need something done quickly and correctly.

To learn more about LADB and their full suite of services for the entertainment industry, visit their website at

To read the full technical implementation of LADB’s fully redundant implementation, check out Mike Holt’s blog post.

“Los Angeles Distribution & Broadcasting (LADB) is a secure digital media and content facility that delivers reliable and rapid turnaround services to all clients. PacketFabric enables us to further expand our highly scalable bandwidth capacity resulting in even faster content delivery while being able to meet our client demands, not only today, but in the years to come. All these capabilities are made possible thanks to PacketFabric’s solutions that give us the ability to increase our capacity within minutes, and allow our clients to establish direct connectivity to us with dedicated transfer speeds and low latency.”

– Michael Holt, Systems Administrator at LADB