Smule Case Study

Smule augments data center-based object storage with PacketFabric Space

The Challenge

The app generates multiple petabyte-scale raw data sets that require protected and reliable storage and computation. Audio files average 3 MB, while video files average 20 MB but can be as much as 70 MB for a 10 minute video.

Smule has three global data centers with significant storage capacity for source content as well as rendered content that is pushed to each of the three locations. The table below shows storage capacity for source data only.

Data Center Location Storage Capacity Geo Regions Served
Bay Area, CA 15PB Western U.S.
Ashburn, VA 2PB Eastern U.S., Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa
Singapore 6.5PB Southeast Asia, APAC, India, Australia, New Zealand

Smule adds roughly 18TB of data to its storage daily. Active data typically ages as shown below:

Number of Days Active Percentage
0 – 7 80%
8 – 30 15%
31 – 90 3%

The Solution

Smule adopted PacketFabric Space to augment its data center-based object storage, by routing a subset of traffic to Space storage nodes as seen below.

The Results

  • PacketFabric Space allows Smule to securely store, retrieve and retain control over their data. The service provides the best attributes of cloud storage while enabling users to retain control of sensitive data — all at a low predictable cost.
  • The Space service provides industry standard access to data via multiple protocols – S3, NFS and SMB supporting the management of both files and objects. Inflight data is always secure using SSL and TLS. Optionally data can be stored encrypted using keys managed by Smule.
  • Data is protected locally by industry leading erasure (8+3) encoding ensuring the highest level of resilience and performance. To provide additional resilience and remove regionality, PacketFabric Space supports replication. Replicated data is also erasure coded.
  • The Space service provides a simple user interface, where user, bucket and object policies are maintained allowing Smule control over their data.

About Smule

Smule is the social singing app, powered by a global community of tens of millions of music lovers. At its core, Smule connects people through music, and the shared experience of co-creation. Every day, singers from across the globe come to Smule to sing together and make connections that flourish into friendships.