Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure with PacketFabric Terraform Provider Version 0.5

What’s New

You can now use PacketFabric Terraform provider to automatically manage private network infrastructure and connectivity to the cloud:

Stay tuned for more feature updates and improvements coming in January!

Why Implement PacketFabric’s Terraform Provider?

Terraform is a HashiCorp open-source tool that enables you to predictably create, change, and efficiently improve your infrastructure by using code. You can easily define both cloud and on-prem resources in human-readable configuration files that you can version, reuse, and share.

You can use PacketFabric’s Terraform provider to access, manage, and deploy PacketFabric’s network resources with minimal effort and time from network engineering.

There are many benefits of using Terraform, including helping your organization do more with less and save time and money! Businesses can utilize PacketFabric Terraform provider and the thousands of existing providers to fit your organization’s infrastructure and reduce operations costs, TCO, and maintenance costs.

Market research firm IDC states that companies lose 20 to 30 percent of their revenue to inefficiencies every year. By automating your scalable infrastructure instantly with PacketFabric Terraform provider, your DevOps team will have more time to work on other initiatives, improving communication, opportunity cost and decreasing the risk of human error when managing your infrastructure. 

Use Cases:

We put together some use cases using the PacketFabric Terraform provider along with other providers. The use cases contain examples of HCL code and simple instructions to get started.

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Multi-cloud networking is becoming more popular as enterprises look to employ best-of-breed cloud resources, optimize cloud data center locations, and reduce concentration risk. With the PacketFabric Terraform provider, organizations can quickly respond to business demands by deploying a few lines of code to instantly scale multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • Does your company require applications communication between Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure? Read how to deploy here
  • Are you interested in automating 100G connections between two AWS regions? Read the step-by-step here
  • Is there an increased demand for connections from IBM Cloud to Oracle Cloud? Find out how to automate here.

Redundant Connectivity between 6 locations

Optimize time by automating the creation of a mesh network of Backbone Virtual Circuits between six different locations or ports on PacketFabric’s 65+Tb network in seconds for high redundancy connectivity.

Find the Quick Start code here.


Organizations in need of a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure can automate the build of a PacketFabric Cloud Router between Google Cloud Platform and a branch location, on-premises user, or a remote data center.

Find the Quick Start code here.


Automate the provisioning and connect with other companies by provisioning a hosted cloud connection or virtual circuit to an ecosystem of providers hosted on PacketFabric’s marketplace.

Find the Quick Start code here.

New to PacketFabric’s Terraform Provider?

Here are a few resource links to help you get started:

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