Introducing Flex Bandwidth for All of Your Middle Mile Interconnects

PacketFabric continually innovates so our business customers can have the capacity they need at the right time, place, and price. Late last year, we introduced Hourly and Burstable Billing to accommodate shorter-term projects at any of our supported throughput rates

Now, we are providing our next innovation for our many customers contending with unpredictable and varying bandwidth needs. We call it “Flex Bandwidth,” and it’s structured for customers who know their interconnect needs will change but are uncertain of how their networks will need to evolve to accommodate new data sources and associations. 

For example, customers may know that their approximate need for capacity will (by plan) double over the next 36 months, but they are unable to identify the amount of capacity needed for specific links between sites. With Flex Bandwidth, they can commit to an aggregate amount of capacity and then choose how that capacity is allocated across the entire 65+Tbps PacketFabric network of 330+ global PoPs. 

Flex Bandwidth helps customers benefit from the economics of term commitments while accommodating the uncertainties of the pace of digitization as well as factors such as changes in macroeconomic outlook, temporary disruptions due to a pandemic, or evolving needs regarding hybrid work. 

Let’s discuss how our offerings compare with each other.

Fixed Monthly Billing

Fixed Monthly Billing is our most cost-effective plan. It is meant for those customers who understand their longer-term needs and can commit to a set amount of capacity, for a given timeframe, over a specific link or service. The longer the term of commitment, the lower the rate. Therefore, a 36-month plan at 10Gbps between two locations will cost less on a monthly basis than a 24-month plan at 10Gbps between two locations.  

Flex Bandwidth Billing

Flex Bandwidth is our next most cost-effective offer. A 36-month Fixed Monthly Billing plan at 10Gbps between two locations would be somewhat less costly than a 36-month Flex Bandwidth plan at 10Gbps, however, the Flex Bandwidth plan offers the customer the freedom to apply that capacity across any PacketFabric link.

Hourly Burstable Billing

Hourly Burstable Billing allows customers who have committed to Fixed Monthly Billing, but who may need more capacity for infrequent, shorter periods of time. For example, if you have an application where usage rises and falls regularly on a timed basis (daily, weekly, seasonal), you can optimize your capacity consumption to support application performance with a combination of Monthly and Hourly Burstable Billing. 

Hourly Burstable Billing is flexible. However, when used too often or for longer periods of time, it may be more economical to purchase a set amount of Flex Bandwidth to be applied more broadly across the PacketFabric network. 

Hourly Billing

Hourly Billing is a non-committed, pay-as-you-go plan that is extremely flexible. It is our highest-priced billing option, however, when mission-critical disruptions do occur with existing WAN links and data access, PacketFabric’s high-speed, on-demand, Hourly Billing service provides an invaluable lifeline for critical business services. 

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