PacketFabric Outperforms Market for Network as a Service

The 2023 GigaOm Network as a Service (NaaS) Radar Report was released September 26 and PacketFabric has moved up from Leader/Fast Mover to Leader/Outperformer in their rankings.  

The improvement in ranking reflects a year of progress and great change at PacketFabric and speaks to the strength of our portfolio into the future. It comes at a time when the marketing of NaaS has become pervasive and yet loosely defined by others wanting to be considered in the segment.  

In the intervening year since the last ranking, PacketFabric solutions have expanded to reflect some of the assets acquired in our merger with Unitas Global, specifically an access offering with first/last mile design/price/order automation capability (Unitas NexusTM) and AS1828 transit with extensive peering and continuous route optimization. We are also in the process of physically expanding through the consolidation of our respective ethernet and Internet PoP footprints and logically integrating services into the PacketFabric ConvergeTM platform. 

PacketFabric has also shipped a new, upgraded portal interface to enhance ease of use, as well as significant automation upgrades for cloud users. The latter includes new support for cloud provider-side automation that eliminates the need to pivot between our portal and cloud provider portals to provision network services, and a significant investment in Terraform support for automation-centric customers to complement our API-driven platform.  

PacketFabric has just introduced an innovative new product built on our award-winning Cloud Router platform called Quick Connect that simplifies private peering between business fabric service providers like SaaS entities and their customers and partners, and allows AS1828 transit to be attached to any PacketFabric link through a product we call Quick Transit.  

A True NaaS Offering

Unlike some of our competitors in the 2022 ranking, PacketFabric has stayed in a NaaS Leader position and advanced to Outperformer. Why?  

  • We’re not just a cloud on-ramp. We’re a complete connectivity solution for Enterprise access, cloud, WAN, and Internet. We are global and have a massive network footprint.
  • We’re not a walled garden. We are neutral to cloud service providers, DCOs, and our underlying fabric fiber providers, and that flexibility is great for your business.  
  • We’re not limited by being the overlay of a public network. We’re a private, high speed, high-availability fiber network fabric that was designed and built without compromise to be your critical infrastructure asset and is operated for you by our expert engineering team.
  • We have tight SLAs, full network and stack redundancy, and guaranteed bandwidth and latency engineering.
  • We have multi-hundred Gigabit options at our PoPs.
  • We are the only next-gen service provider of guaranteed underlay services with real-time, on-demand automation of provisioning, monitoring, and accounting.

PacketFabric is honored to be a Leader/Outperformer in GigaOm’s 2023 NaaS radar. It’s time for you to experience superior performance, lower your network TCO, and increase your cloud agility with PacketFabric TruNaaS.

Click here to read the full GigaOm NaaS Radar Report, or set up a call with our team to optimize your network connectivity today.