PacketFabric Cloud Router: Built for AI

Every company wants to attach “AI” capabilities to their business because of their purported ability to increase operational efficiencies. But, as many organizations discover, cost optimization and high performance in AI are far from guaranteed. At PacketFabric, we facilitate AI with the least cost and highest performance cloud connectivity available, thanks to our unique Cloud Router product and its associated Quick Connect marketplace.

In a recent Structure Research newsletter¹, researchers noted a growing trend of users choosing a second cloud (other than their primary cloud partner) for AI tools. They also mentioned that, while data transfer rates are currently low, “things will change quickly and organizations are going to have to consider how to move their data around or they will not be able to maximize the AI tools they have chosen.” 

PacketFabric Cloud Router is uniquely designed to address the challenges of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud data movement. In fact, using Cloud Router can drastically lower data transfer costs and latency from public clouds.

Unlike our competitors’ products, our Cloud Router is not a virtual machine with limited throughput, licensing costs and the design encumberment of high availability and low latency positioning and maintenance. Our unique product design is based on an in-network physical network function that is inherently scalable² and multi-tenanted. Our deployment model automatically distributes that functionality to provide high availability and low latency between your cloud endpoints.  

We provide Cloud Router with full API, extensive Terraform and cloud provider-side automation support to make it easy to incorporate into workflow automation.

For startups in the AI/ML tool and data analysis SaaS space, MSPs that facilitate data movement to support that space, data brokerages and even the AI-consuming Enterprise, PacketFabric has further extended the functionality of Cloud Router with Quick Connect.  

Using Quick Connect, cloud-based providers can make secure Layer 3 connections with their customers over both private and public connections. Quick Connect offloads the burdens of managing private peers from the provider in addition to capturing the lowest cloud data egress rates for them and their customers.  

The Future of AI

Like all cloud applications, AI will ultimately require data movement. And, given the increasing diversity and breadth of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, it will also require automated, secure, high bandwidth, low cost and low latency connections between applications and data that are often not resident in the same public cloud region, public cloud provider or even completely in the public cloud. PacketFabric built Cloud Router and Quick Connect for these environments.

Becoming a PacketFabric Cloud Router customer requires no investment in virtual or physical equipment and provisioning takes seconds. To learn more about using PacketFabric Cloud Router as a customer, click here.

If you’re a service provider interested in becoming part of the PacketFabric Quick Connect Marketplace, please contact  

October 20, 2023 (available by mailing list subscription with archives here¹

We support 100Gbps connectivity to your cloud resources with high availability cloud connectivity options. ²