Growing Your Connectivity Cloud

At PacketFabric, we built our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform to be more than low-speed cloud onramps. We built a 50+Tbps backbone, with PoPs that were and continue to be 100% 100G ready, with redundant paths and hardware via two or more availability zones. We offer backbone connectivity that is just as consumable (and cost-efficient) as cloud connectivity. In short, we built a connectivity cloud for general enterprise connectivity as well as their hybrid and multi-cloud core.

The premium nature of our network platform is why we can offer a leading, five nines SLA with real teeth that we publish openly. And we hear from a lot of colleagues across the industry that they wouldn’t offer any other NaaS to their enterprise-class customers or mission-critical use cases.

We’re proud of what we’ve built and even more proud of what it delivers to our customers. Our platform becomes your connectivity cloud. It empowers performance, predictability, resilience, and agility for your business. 

So we’re excited to talk about how our ongoing expansion grows your options. 

Expanded EMEA sites

One area where we’re expanding our footprint is in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We’ve now got PoPs in:

  • Amsterdam at  Digital Realty Sovereign House LH20; Equinix AM3, AM4, AM5;  Interxion AMS7; and Telehouse West
  • Frankfurt at Equinix FR5 and FR6
  • London at Equinix LD4, LD5, LD6, LD7, LD10; 
  • Munich at Equinix MU1
  • Paris at Equinix PA2 and PA3; Interxion PA2, PA3, P5; and Global Switch Paris East
  • Marseille at Interxion MRS1

If you’re looking to connect across the pond between EMEA and North America at high speed, we’ve got great options for you. And you can also get Cloud Router connectivity within EMEA and on a distributed basis between North America and EMEA.

New Cyxtera sites

Recently, Cyxtera announced their new partner ecosystem, with PacketFabric as an anchor partner. We are building out in partnership with Cyxtera, and to date we have the following sites with more to come:

  • LAX2 in Burbank — great for our expanding base of Media and Entertainment customers!
  • ORD1 in Chicago
  • PHX1 in Phoenix

If you’re a Cyxtera customer or contemplating their data centers, you now have five-nines SLA-supported, on-demand connectivity options to power your hybrid and multi-cloud architecture. Stay tuned for more sites coming in the following months!

Flex in PHX. Oh Canada! Viva Las Vegas! Nant Studios!

We’ve recently added Flexential PHX which brings us to seven Flexential PoPs in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, and Utah. Here are some sites in the coming soon category:

  • Montreal: Cologix MTL3
  • Vancouver: Cologix VAN2
  • Las Vegas: Fiberhub LAS2
  • Culver City: Nant Studios

Note that the Cologix builds add to existing sites in Minneapolis and Dallas, while the forthcoming Vancouver, Culver City and Las Vegas builds continue to add to our Media and Entertainment-relevant footprint.

Get started

If you’re already a PacketFabric customer, check out these new sites as well as awesome new capabilities like hourly and burstable backbone VCs in your portal account. If you’re new and ready to explore, request a demo or just register and get started today.