Linode Case Study

Linode achieves faster time to market, greater network stability and visibility with PacketFabric

The Challenge

Linode needed a reliable solution for any-to-any data transport, as well as a faster time to market. The company wanted a networking provider that could provide reliable, uninterrupted connectivity between their data centers, and provision services quickly.

Linode tested point-to-point networking services between PacketFabric and one of its legacy carriers.

The connection with the legacy carrier took more than 90 days to turn up, and over a three month period, the cross-country span went down over ten times due to fiber cuts. The same service provided by PacketFabric was uninterrupted during this testing period, and all networking services were available through the PacketFabric user portal.

The Solution

Linode chose PacketFabric over the legacy carrier to quickly establish secure, reliable connectivity between remote data centers. PacketFabric offers customers the ability to provision services in seconds, and its architecture is inherently a protected service. In the event of a fiber cut, traffic is automatically rerouted in less than 50ms.

As a result, Linode has gained increased agility and improved network stability. Linode is currently using PacketFabric to connect all of their North American data centers, with plans to spin up new ports to reach internet exchanges and peers.

The Results

  • Faster time to market due to PacketFabric’s automated LOA generation and simple self-service provisioning
  • Access to a quick and easy solution for creating an any-to-any backbone
  • Increased flexibility in sourcing, provisioning, and managing network connectivity
  • Improved network stability through redundant paths and automatic path switching in the event of a fiber cut
  • Easy to predict costs due to PacketFabric’s transparent, cost-effective pricing

About Linode

Linode is a leading cloud hosting provider founded in 2003. Today the company boasts more than 400,000 customers worldwide with nine data centers total – four in the US, two in Europe and three in Asia.

Subscribers can create a cloud server with Linode in under a minute for as low as $5 per month. Users can dynamically scale their environments to meet business demands – paying for only what they use, with no long-term commitments.

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“The other carrier we tested had substantial delays, and the connection went down multiple times. By comparison, PacketFabric was quick, easy, and reliable. All features were available through the portal, and once the cross-connects were ran, everything just worked.”

– Dan Spataro, Director of Network Engineering at Linode