What is TruNaaS™?

Everyone knows what Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is, but it seems no two definitions are the same.

NaaS has 3 basic components:

  • Pricing: NaaS follows the cloud consumption model for software and hardware availability.
  • Automation: At its most basic, it’s automated provisioning and encompasses the processes (OSS and BSS elements) involved with designing, pricing, billing, and the ongoing customer service aspects of a service or service element. Automating requests for more or less bandwidth, change in path, new address ranges, and real-time remediation.
  • Complete automation also exposes telemetry/monitoring and exposes APIs that make NaaS integrate-able; upward into a Service Layer (see Service Integration below), laterally through partner NNIs, or directly as a parallel instance into another carrier operation or into Enterprise netops and devops processes. 
  • Self-service enablement: NaaS gives customers direct control over network bandwidth, reliability, and connectivity needs and usage patterns in real time and on demand.

Confusion in “NaaS” categorization starts when an offer includes some, but not all, of the basic components. For example, all claimants will point to the cloud consumption model as validation of NaaS inclusion. TruNaaSTM has all of this base functionality as a starting point.

PacketFabric TruNaaSTM goes further and is built upon a few additional exclusive and fundamental constructs:

Purpose-Built Platform –  TruNaaSTM is a cloud-native, API-first platform capable of scaling to meet the growing needs of customers. By design, a TruNaaSTM builds private connections under the operator’s full control and is adaptable to required technology – ultimately down to wave granularity. CI/CD feature and maintenance delivery combined with intelligent topology design provides private connections with strong SLAs.

Neutral Market Position – TruNaaSTM is neutral across the spectrum of DCO, CSP, transit, and fiber operators, without bias or lock-in. No requirements for special or proprietary equipment.

Service Integration Support –  Services built IN the TruNaaSTM NaaS layer don’t require incremental per-customer equipment (NaaS is inherently multi-tenanted). Our own Cloud Router and integrated storage services are examples of integration IN NaaS.

An example of services built ON the TruNaaSTM NaaS layer would be SaaS applications like cloud-edge SASE. They are essentially API enabled:

  • Physically through a NaaS Marketplace mechanism and/or
  • Logically through an inter-platform API call
  • Transparently like the intelligent NNI connectivity for telco partners

Extensible to the premise  – TruNaaSTM automation includes quote, design, order, fulfillment, billing, and customer service. Complete control of access, cloud, and internet – end to end. 

With the addition of Unitas Global assets, the process of extending TruNaaSTM to your premise is here, and with it comes a new way of looking at not only how you connect but also how you consume the basic services to support a new business architecture. And, for all our customers, Unitas Global transit and peering become NaaS services – providing real business internet in addition to private site-to-site and cloud connectivity.

While last mile services ‘time to first deployment’ remains the long pole, PacketFabric TruNaaSTM innovates back office processes to make even these operations an online experience – all trackable, no calls needed. We automate everything, and it’s fully programmable – the value is future-proof.

Reimagine your business with PacketFabric TruNaaSTM

Business is dynamic. Workloads, data, and IT are all moving. Where and how we work is changing. How does business shift from reacting to being ready for the constant change inherent in digitized operation?

Enterprise digital transformation requires agility. Traditional private networks based on MPLS were too static with poor cloud connectivity, and overlays on the public Internet are a poor substitute.

At PacketFabric, we enable a reimagination and simplification of business and operations with TruNaaS. To find out more about how TruNaaSTM can help your business, contact us at sales@packetfabric.com.