Product Update: March. 2021

When you’re continuously releasing features, even with detailed documentation that we offer via our knowledge base, it can be easy to lose track of what’s new. So, every month, we’re going to start highlighting the cool and valuable new capabilities that we’ve released in the previous month. Here’s what’s new from March, 2021.

100G Cloud Connectivity Has Arrived

March was a big month for cloud – literally. We added 100G dedicated cloud connectivity for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. This means you can move over 1000TB of data per day between AWS and GCP!

Dedicated cloud connectivity at high speeds performs more predictably and can cost significantly less than the Internet. And, for our high bandwidth clients, 100G connections are often a more effective solution than Nx10G.

Gain the freedom to use the cloud how it was intended – quickly and easily moving data between clouds and pipelining between applications.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is available on the hosted cloud connectivity platform and via Cloud Router.

Oracle and MySQL (an Oracle developed open source product) databases are two of the most popular Enterprise databases. Both are hosted in Oracle Cloud and are prime targets for hybrid and multi-cloud applications that seek to exploit Enterprise data, typically by using analytics tooling running in private or other public clouds.

You can now have a hybrid cloud up and running to Oracle Cloud in just 60 seconds using a PacketFabric hosted connection. If you need layer 3 routing for multi-cloud connectivity you can be up and running in minutes with Cloud Router.

UI Improvements

The PacketFabric portal is getting a makeover to look as beautiful as it performs. We aren’t putting in any major navigation changes, or major updates to leave you wondering where things are. We’re just cleaning things up to be consistently bolder, brighter, and faster on our dashboard, cloud hosted connectivity, cloud dedicated connectivity, virtual circuit management, port details, and cloud router configuration.

Core Network Service Updates

Mixing Tagged and Untagged Vlans

You can now mix untagged with tagged vlans on the same port. The use of untagged VLANs enables automation of managed “downstream” devices in your network. For example, untagged VLANs are commonly used in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). With ZTP, a managed device can be installed with no prior network configuration knowledge and be instantly connected to the rest of your network to fetch configuration information.

Outbound Cross Connects

Outbound cross connects enable you to get up and running faster on the PacketFabric platform. No more tedious back and forth for weeks with colocation support; PacketFabric can run a cross connect to your new port in 2 clicks. There is now a full management section devoted to outbound cross connects, so you can easily manage cross connects in any of our 170+ colocation and data center facilities.

Learn More, Get Started

If you’re already a customer, check out the new capabilities in the portal or dig into more information in our knowledge base. If you’re new to PacketFabric, learn more about our platform and our on-demand, cloud-scale connectivity services including point-to-point connectivity between locations in our network, hybrid cloud connectivity, and multi-cloud routing. If you’re ready to get next-generation cloud connectivity, you can request a demo, or just register in our self-service portal and get started.