Location, Location, Location

Last year PacketFabric added storage to its service offering, thereby expanding the use cases it’s able to offer the Media and Entertainment industry. In 2022, we’ll grow storage capacity at the edge, but the network’s expansion in the vertical is also geographic. 

Production tax incentives continue to be offered globally, and the workforces for broadcast, TV and film continue to decentralize due to the proliferation of streaming and impact of Covid on a remote workforce. Accordingly, PacketFabric is building out its points of presence to accommodate all regions with greater production activity.

Companies connected to these PoPs can provision a port on the PacketFabric network. Workflows previously limited by the public internet can be connected to the cloud privately, within moments, while companies take advantage of a flexible pricing model, befitting the shorter term, higher bandwidth and security requirements of studios and productions. 

In cases wherein companies favor having access to carriers on-site, PacketFabric is able to establish Points of Presence on-campus through a special build process.

As of today, just a few of the notable M&E Points of Presence include:

Los Angeles

Cyxtera, Burbank 

This location offers not only instant network connectivity, but also, immediate access to Cyxtera’s entire partner ecosystem, where companies can find the compute, storage, and networking solutions they need to build their complete data center environment. Read more about the strategic partnership, here.

Culver City Fiber  

All companies in the area can take advantage of a more direct path to the network with our unique Culver City fiber ring.

Nant Studios, Culver City and El Segundo

This is an example of a strategic on-campus build, enabling productions to purchase cloud connectivity and access to data center services while utilizing the studio – a useful capability, especially with growing adoption of Virtual Production and its larger data sets.

Coresite, One Wilshire, Los Angeles

New York

Aside from two confidential on-campus broadcast studio PoP’s, PacketFabric is in the following public datacenters:

  • Equinix: NY1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Coresite: NY1,2
  • Telehouse: Chelsea, Teleport
  • Digital Realty: NYC1,2
  • Sabey: NY Data Center
  • Webair NY1


  • Equinix: AT2, AT3
  • Digital Realty ATL1, ATL2
  • QTS: Atlanta, Suwanee(1hr from ATL)
  • American Tower Metro Data Center fka Colo Atl


  • Equinix: LD4,5,6,7,10
  • Interxion LON1
  • Telehouse West
  • Digital Realty Sovereign House LHR20


  • Equinix TR1, TR2
  • Cologix TOR1

And expected this spring:

  • Beanfield TOR2


  • Coresite MI1
  • Databank MIA1 (zColo)
  • Equinix MI1 (NAP of the Americas)
  • QTS Miami
  • South Reach Networks
  • Colohouse 
  • Digital Realty MIA1


  • Equinix SY1,2,3,4,5

For a full list of our 200+ PoPs, including a list of cities we connect via Colt, our partner in the EU, click here

If you are interested in accessing the network from an office or data center not on our current list, please get in touch at Lisa.Gerber@packetfabric.com

Learn more at: https://packetfabric.com/production-pipeline-enablement