Culver City Cloud Connect

A Unique Connectivity Opportunity

Nearly every organization today is growing and accelerating a cloud-based digital strategy. For organizations with facilities in Culver City, including many Media & Entertainment businesses, a unique opportunity to connect at ultra high speeds to cloud providers is within your reach.

A Roadmap to Faster Cloud Connections

Organizations adjacent to the orange-highlighted route in the map below can get a fiber optic connection at 10 Gigabits per second or greater, and gain multi-Gigabit per second connections to one or more cloud providers including Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud; as well as SaaS providers like Cisco Webex and Salesforce.

Figure 1: Map of Culver City fiber optic route that offers organizations with adjacent facilities high speed access to cloud and SaaS providers.

New Opportunities for M&E Businesses

Since most of Culver City is already on-net for the PacketFabric network, local companies can take advantage of cloud connectivity services quickly and easily. 

Sneakernet approaches don’t work in the cloud, but your workflows can’t wait for slow (and insecure) Internet connections. The Culver City Cloud Connect solution creates a new way to move critical data into the cloud and across clouds.

Cases that benefit from accelerated cloud connectivity:

  • Accelerated multi-cloud ingest, egress and interoperability
  • Cloud based rendering for animation, visual effects, and previz
  • Workflows and productions on short or temporary timelines
  • Companies looking for redundant or tertiary connections
  • Instant access to storage at the edge (for dailies transfer and review, archival storage, etc.)
  • Faster, more seamless camera to cloud workflows

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