Pressing the Bandwidth Pedal – Announcing 100G Cloud Router!

The PacketFabric Cloud Router enables private, secure multi-cloud connectivity between cloud service providers.

Cloud Router is a distributed virtual routing service, built on the edge, that leverages PacketFabric’s massively scalable and automated optical transport network.

In our March product update we announced 100G dedicated connectivity to AWS and GCP.

Today we are taking our scalable cloud connectivity even further and enabling our flagship cloud router product 100G capable. Yes, now you can easily provision Cloud Router bandwidth between AWS and GCP at 100Gbps on our portal.

It is Time for On-demand 100G Multi-cloud Connectivity

Multi-cloud is a fact of life now for IT. Enterprises are increasingly utilizing multi-cloud architectures to drive mission-critical workflows and deliver customer and employee digital experiences. According to the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report, enterprises have almost entirely embraced multi-cloud, with 92 percent of survey respondents reporting adoption of a multi-cloud strategy. Enterprises also reported steady growth of multi-cloud spending, yet shifting use cases for how they deploy across multiple public cloud providers.

Multi-cloud workflows are now mission-critical. Financial services organizations are leaning on them to reduce concentration risk. Media & Entertainment entities rely on them to drive visual effects (VFX) production and virtual control room operations. And across industries, the maturation of the cloud ecosystem means that enterprises are choosing best of breed solutions from different cloud service providers (CSPs) to drive specific functions.

So then where lies the problem? Well, the traditional multi-cloud connectivity itself! Enterprises have had to choose between insecure, poor-performing, and costly Internet-based data transfer, or slow and inflexible telco options. Cloud Router solves this problem by offering a fully automated, zero-hardware, secure way to connect multiple cloud providers in minutes, with scalable and predictable performance that meets the needs of mission-critical use cases.

Response to PacketFabric Cloud Router has been extremely enthusiastic, and we immediately encountered customers who needed to move truly significant volumes of data between CSPs, and required 100G connections.

Why 100G was Easy for Cloud Router

Enabling 100Gbps connectivity in a cloud router isn’t trivial, but fortunately as with everything we build at PacketFabric, we built our Cloud Router for scale from the get go.

Our network is massively scalable to start with. Due to the demand from our customers, we are actually deploying as an early adopter of Cisco 400G based on Cisco Silicon One. And of course, our network is highly redundant, with fiber provider neutral redundant paths. Simply put, our network is cloud-scale.

The way our Cloud Router is architected takes advantage of the inherent scale and performance capability of the underlying network. Our Cloud Router is distributed. Each Cloud Router actually consists of multiple virtual routing instances on our network. Each routing instance is created as necessary for optimal routing. Being distributed in this manner makes it super easy to scale with multiple 100G connections. This stands in contrast to low-scale cloud router architectures, which typically deploy as a single, centralized instance, forcing traffic hairpinning that leads to limited and unpredictable performance.

Here’s a sample analytics graph showing traffic flowing at scale through a 100Gbps Cloud Router.

Why does this scale matter? The answer is that digital business demands are growing exponentially, so to future-proof your multi-cloud architecture, it’s important to choose a connectivity platform that is already operating beyond the scale of your current needs. Wouldn’t it be great to have a 1000TB of data transfer within a single day between the CSPs when you needed it?

Three Steps to Provision 100G Multi-cloud Routing

1. Create a dedicated 100G cloud connection

Once the port is provisioned proceed to the next step.

2. Select a 100G port in the dedicated port for the cloud router connection.

3. Get ready for 100G bandwidth!

Learn More and Get Started

If you want to learn more about the industry’s most powerful and scalable cloud router solution, you can check out the product page which also includes open and transparent pricing. If you’re ready to get started, request a demo or simply fire up an account today.