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Backup as a Service

Optimize BaaS offerings with on-demand,
scalable, and burstable bandwidth

PacketFabric provides the industry’s most agile data center, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud connectivity. Deliver higher performance and more cost-effective offsite and online backup and recovery solutions with on-demand private optical connectivity delivered by a carrier-class 65+Tbps network.

Speed Deployments

Provision carrier-class hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity in minutes

Optimize Reliability and Performance

Get connections up to 100Gbps, with multi-AZ and built-in path resiliency

Reduce TCO

Consume connectivity as you need it with hourly and monthly billing options

Network Friction Impedes BaaS Deployments

As the amount of mission-critical data explodes and risks of costly data loss from climate-driven natural disasters and ransomware attacks increase, enterprises are pursuing hybrid cloud service models to increase data protection in a cost-effective manner.

Yet network connectivity remains a friction point. Traditional connectivity options are either insecure, unpredictable, and non-scalable (Internet VPNs) or inflexible and costly (long-term, fixed telecom service connections).

To optimize cost-performance for archival data management, IT teams and BaaS providers need greater flexibility without sacrificing reliability and performance.

The Answer: Cloud-Like Connectivity

PacketFabric is the Connectivity Cloud, delivering private optical transport between hundreds of colocation data centers, cloud and SaaS providers at speeds up to 100Gbps, in minutes. The PacketFabric Network as a Service (NaaS) platform was built from the ground up to provide automated, carrier-class, five-nines reliable connectivity with built-in hardware and path redundancy. PacketFabric connectivity is the ideal connectivity solution for BaaS providers and customers, offering:

  • Highly scalable data center interconnect bandwidth available on-demand for a short duration for seeding, for incremental and differential/cumulative incremental backups, and for restoring a high amount of data within short Recovery Time Objective (RTOs)
  • Monthly term multi-region and multi-cloud connectivity that can be provisioned within minutes for hosted cloud connections up to 10Gbps and within days for dedicated connections up to 100Gbps.
  • Predictable Pricing that optimizes operational expenses by reducing upfront commitments while maximizing bandwidth availability
  • Self-service control via portal and automation support via REST API

The Drivers for BaaS

Digital business needs are driving enterprises away from purely on-premises and towards hybrid cloud solution models for compute workloads, data storage, and data management. IT teams are increasingly leveraging cloud-hosted VMWare, colocation data centers, SaaS such as OneDrive, and cloud providers like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. With the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud, the need for offsite and online backup and recovery solutions to ensure data retention and prevent data loss has grown.

Data backup solutions are evolving with cloud services. Archiving, data protection, and disaster recovery operations are increasingly leveraging cloud storage and cloud backup service providers.

A host of BaaS providers have grown up to meet this need, offering cloud storage, cloud backup, and archiving functionality. Many BaaS providers extend those services to cover full disaster recovery services that help ensure business continuity in the face of natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and other use cases.

Learn more about PacketFabric Services

Point-to-point Connectivity

Forget expensive redundant waves, and connect global colocation facilities in minutes from 1Gbps to 100Gbps with turnkey EPL services.

Multi-Cloud Routing

Instantly turn on zero-touch, private and secure multi-cloud connectivity from 50Mbps to 100Gbps with our Cloud Router.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Easily create hybrid clouds between colocation sites and public cloud, IX, and SaaS providers with hosted or dedicated metro or long-haul connections at speeds up to 100Gbps.

Custom Networking

Create a customized network using any combination of ports, private point-to-point, dedicated or hosted cloud connections, and multi-cloud routing, at varying terms.