Why NaaS is the Future of Networking

With today’s unprecedented capacity demands, enterprises are looking for faster ways to scale their infrastructure. Traditional telcos can’t keep up the pace when their legacy models can take 30, 60, or even up to 90 days to deploy services. The as-as-service approach to networking delivers new levels of automation, customer satisfaction, and speed to innovation that modern enterprises crave. In this webinar, PacketFabric’s Senior Director of Market Research and Analysis, Ken Gray, and Technology Analyst, Chris Grundemann, will discuss:

+ The rise of “XaaS” and how the as-a-service model is disrupting network management
+ Why automation, self-service, and flexible consumption models are important factors for an as-a-service approach to networking
+ How to connect to a wide ecosystem of providers using the PacketFabric network


Ken Gray, Senior Director of Market Research & Analysis, PacketFabric & Chris Grundemann, Technology Analyst