The Evolution of Advanced Connectivity for the Virtual Production Stage

Production tax credits, incentivizing new builds of production stages, are booming. Currently there are just under 500 stages in LA alone (up from 400 in 2019) and over 1200 nationally, according to Film LA.

Meanwhile, as much as 20% of filming budgets are consumed by Visual effects (VFX), and by 2028 the Virtual Production market alone will grow to $4.73B, per analyst firm Research and Markets.

According to Deloitte, the growth of Virtual Production is driven by the popularity of VFX-heavy genres, increased competition for consumer media spending, and the impact of the pandemic. As a result, significant advances are occurring within the infrastructure of the traditional production and virtual production stage.

Join this educational webinar featuring thought leaders from the Media & Entertainment Data Center Alliance, and learn:

  • The way overall technology and data center infrastructure is evolving to enable the “Connected Stage”
  • The emerging connectivity needs for successful virtual production
  • How the state of the art of interconnectivity for hybrid and multi-cloud resources has advanced to meet the needs for rapid and agile support of time-sensitive workflows, fluid collaboration and heavy data motion


Lisa Gerber, Director of Media & Entertainment Business Development at PacketFabric, with Tom T at Entertainment Technology Center, Jay Spriggs, Co-Founder and CTO at Voluminous Studios, and Sean Tajkowski, Founder and CEO and Eric Rigney, Executive Vice President at MEDCA