How to Reduce Multi-Cloud Costs with PacketFabric’s Cloud Router

Multi-cloud networking is becoming more popular as enterprises look to employ best-of-breed cloud resources, optimise cloud data-centre locations, & reduce concentration risk. Yet, inter-region & multi-cloud architectures have been encumbered by legacy connectivity methods.

Whether you’re using multi-cloud connectivity for a specific project, such as migrating data from one cloud to another, or long-term data movement, such as load balancing between multiple cloud providers & regular backup & storage, you can lower costs & improve your network performance with private multi-cloud connectivity.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve multi-cloud connectivity with private network connectivity
  • Avoid unreliable Internet VPN tunnel performance
  • Save on unpredictable egress traffic costs
  • Lower latency and improve network reliability


Jason Wells VP of Sales, EMEA, and Paul Boniface Senior Solutions Architect, EMEA