How to Build Agile Data Center Interconnect with NaaS

Data center interconnection (DCI) is a key part of enterprise WAN architecture. While enterprise IT has shifted to a hybrid and multicloud-based stance, in many cases DCI is still done via long-term fixed telco contracts for VPLS or wavelength services that don’t have the flexibility that enterprises need for business and cloud agility. There is a better way.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why traditional telco and Internet-based options are holding your cloud core architecture back
  • How NaaS makes a difference with telco-grade connectivity consumable like the cloud
  • What it looks like in real-life to provision DCI in minutes via a self-service portal, rather than waiting weeks or months to make things happen
  • Some real-world performance stats comparing performance of carrier-class NaaS, telco VPLS, and Internet VPNs


Alex Henthorn-Iwane, CMO, and Lee Coriell, Sales Engineer at PacketFabric