How to Access Peering Seamlessly with DE-CIX and PacketFabric

Connecting to peering exchanges brings many technical and business benefits for Internet-centric businesses. However, many organizations assume that the process burden, financial cost and commitment, and Layer 3 network performance variability place those benefits out of reach.

DE-CIX and PacketFabric remove all the barriers to accessing peering and its benefits. Join this webinar to see how your organization can realize the benefits of private, on-demand access to peering, including:

  • How you can access DE-CIX, the world’s largest carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange (IX) via PacketFabric’s on-demand, carrier-class transport network
  • Avoiding time-consuming and costly remote connectivity logistics
  • Getting cost-effective access within the same local metro
  • Improving network performance and reach through regional Layer 2 connections
  • Right-sizing long-haul spending with flexible terms and usage-based long-haul models to fit spending to your use case
  • Building resiliency with low-cost hot standby peering
  • Ensuring the success of your peering initiatives with risk-free trials from DE-CIX

You’ll also see a live demo of how to set up peering with DE-CIX in real-time via the PacketFabric portal.


Ed d’Agostino, VP & GM, DE-CIX North America, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, CMO & Keith Burns, Director of Technical Marketing, PacketFabric