How Next-Gen Interconnect Enables an Agile Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Core

The core of your cloud architecture is where mission-critical business applications and data flow. The connectivity tying your cloud core together needs to deliver highly predictable performance and security while giving you the flexibility to shift resources on-demand to meet seasonal needs, power innovation, and address emerging opportunities and challenges.

Unfortunately, connecting your hybrid and multi-cloud core has historically meant choosing between traditional telco and Internet options that come with serious tradeoffs in either speed and agility, or in security and performance. Cloud and network teams need a better way forward.

You will learn:

  • The characteristics of an agile cloud core
  • How traditional cloud interconnect choices enforce negative technical and consumption trade-offs for your cloud core
  • How next-generation cloud connectivity works to delivers scale, performance, security, and agility without trade-offs
  • Key use cases for next-generation cloud connectivity
  • A live demonstration of PacketFabric cloud connectivity provisioning and analytics


Kezia Lawson-Shanks, Content Marketing Manager, and Alex Henthorn-Iwane, CMO at PacketFabric