How Multi-Cloud Transforms Network Architecture

Over 75% of enterprises use one or more cloud providers, according to recent market surveys. Clearly, multi-cloud is the present and future of enterprise IT architecture. Yet at the same time, colocation data center adoption is exploding, with that market growing to over $117B by 2028.

How do you create a network architecture that is fit for this new infrastructure reality?

Join this webinar to learn how multi-cloud impacts network architecture, and how to build for success, including:

  • Trends in multi-cloud adoption and what’s driving them
  • Why traditional interconnection architectures including Internet and telco options, as well as contractual and performance assumptions are getting outmoded by multi-cloud infrastructure
  • The way savvy digital businesses are building their interconnection architectures for agility, scalability, and resilience
  • How to leverage cloud routing to build a flexible, reliable, secure and performant cloud core WAN


Shash Thakor, Director of Product, Cloud Solutions, and Alex Henthorn-Iwane, CMO