PacketPushers Day Two Cloud 109: PacketFabric Wants To Make Networking As Easy As Cloud

PacketFabric lets you provision point-to-point and hybrid cloud connectivity as a service. Built on a private fiber network, our goal is to let you set up WAN networking as if it was software. PacketFabric is available in colocation facilities around the world, as well as connections into Internet exchanges, and cloud and SaaS providers.

Anna Claiborne, our co-Founder, CTO, and CPO, joined the hosts of the Packet Pushers podcast to discuss:.

  • Standing up a WAN circuit with PacketFabric
  • Connecting hybrid and multi-cloud networks
  • PacketFabric’s underlay, including dark fiber and DWDM equipment
  • PacketFabric vs. Direct Connect and ExpressRoute
  • Using PacketFabric’s Cloud Routers
  • Protocol support
  • Multi-tenancy in PacketFabric’s network
  • More