Webair Uses PacketFabric as an On-Ramp to AWS to Support its Enterprise-grade Customers


The Challenge

Webair offers a complete portfolio of fully managed services, including off-site backups, disaster recovery-as-a-service, managed security, cloud storage, and more. In addition to its own facilities, Webair also offers AWS as a target for offsite backups and disaster recovery. Many of Webair’s clients have intensive security and compliance requirements, and Webair needed to expand its options for sending traffic to AWS over a secure network.

The Solution

PacketFabric proposed establishing a direct, secure connection to AWS at Webair’s data centers on the east and west coast of the US using its cloud on-ramp product. This would allow Webair to connect to AWS via PacketFabric, for customer use cases in which AWS was the most appropriate solution.

The Results

  • Using PacketFabric to connect to AWS provides added flexibility for Webair’s customer base
  • Being able to offer multi-cloud management to customers who have production workloads in AWS has increased Webair’s competitive advantage
  • PacketFabric gives Webair instant access to expanded infrastructure without the need to build or manage it themselves

About Webair

Headquartered in New York for over 20 years, Webair delivers agile and reliable Cloud and Managed Infrastructure solutions leveraging its highly secure and enterprise-grade network of data centers in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Asia-Pacific. Webair’s key services include fully managed Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud; Customized Networking; Disaster Recovery-as- a-Service; Ransomware-as-a-Service; Off-Site Backups; DDoS Mitigation; Web and application stacks; and Colocation.

Webair services can be delivered securely via direct network tie-ins to customers’ existing infrastructure, enabling them to consume SLA-backed solutions with ease, efficiency and agility — as if they were on-premise. With an emphasis on reliability and high-touch customer service, Webair is a true technology partner to enterprises and SMBs including healthcare, IT, eCommerce, SaaS and VoIP providers. Because Webair focuses on its core value of owning managed infrastructure within its own facilities, it is also an ideal cloud solution provider and business partner for VARs, MSPs, and IT consultants. For more information, visit www.webair.com, or follow Webair on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Customer Quote

“Being able to dynamically provision and ramp up capacity to Disaster-Recovery targets such as AWS allows Webair to provide better IT resilience orchestration for its customers,” said Sagi Brody, CTO at Webair. “Utilizing PacketFabric’s network from Webair’s own physical data centers allows Webair to maintain ownership and accountability for its customers, from production to AWS.”

About PacketFabric

PacketFabric redefines how companies procure, consume, and manage their network connectivity services. Leveraging an innovative, entirely automated SDN-based network architecture and the latest in optical and packet switching technology, PacketFabric enables dynamic, real-time connectivity services between major carrier-neutral colocation facilities at terabit-scale. PacketFabric facilitates coast-to- coast connectivity between more than 150 premier colocation facilities across 17 U.S. markets, and enables simple, cost-effective, and scalable network deployment via its advanced Application Program Interface (API) and web-based portal.

Next Steps

To learn more about how PacketFabric can help your business, please visit [https://packetfabric.com](https://packetfabric.com) or contact us at info@packetfabric.com.

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