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Your organization is unique, with networking requirements driven by a variety of baseline, seasonal and intermittent business needs. Meet them all with custom networking from PacketFabric. Choose the topologies, technical specifications and consumption models that fit best, without compromising performance, scalability, security, privacy, and reliability.

Comprehensive, Flexible Solutions

The PacketFabric Network-as-a-Service platform gives you a comprehensive suite of flexible elements with which to create highly customizable topologies for private backbone, data center interconnect, hybrid and multi-cloud, IX and third party provider connectivity.

  • Flexible Physical Interfaces: A Physical Interface is an Ethernet port that gives you access to the PacketFabric network. A single Physical Interface can support either a single dedicated connection or up to 4,000 Virtual Circuits to other locations and services on our network. Choose from 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G ports.
  • No-cost local metro transport: There is no charge on data transfer between Physical Interfaces in the same metropolitan market.
  • Dedicated long-haul: PacketFabric's Dedicated Capacity service is perfect for consistent and well-known traffic patterns. This option offers fixed, predictable billing and the lowest cost per unit transferred. Get bidirectional line-rate transfer capabilities 24x7, with no limits or additional charges, regardless of the total amount of data transferred across the service.
  • Virtual circuit long-haul: A Virtual Circuit is a secure connection between any two points on our network. Each Virtual Circuit is completely isolated, protecting your traffic from interception, injection, and interference.
  • Usage-based long-haul: Our Usage-based service is ideal for large numbers of locations, unpredictable or shifting traffic patterns, or to dynamically burst to larger traffic volumes on-demand without paying for dedicated capacity 24x7. Pay only for the total amount of data (TB) transferred between markets.

For more details on how all these elements work, check out our detailed knowledge base.

Carrier-Class Network

PacketFabric services are delivered by a global, carrier-class Network-as-a-Service platform leveraging a highly resilient 50+Tbps private optical network and end-to-end automation. You get agility, performance, scale, security, programmability, five-nines reliability, and native visibility without compromise.

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Flexible, Predictable Pricing

PacketFabric offers a comprehensive suite of services across a massively scalable global network, with predictable pricing from local metro to global long-haul. Choose month-to-month or longer terms, or usage-based. Learn more on our pricing page.

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