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Please read the guidelines below
before downloading

Writing PacketFabric

PacketFabric is a word mark that should always be written in the same way and never altered.

PacketFabric must never have a space between the words

PacketFabric must always start with a capital P and have a capitalized F

how PacketFabric looks properly written
examples of writing PacketFabric improperly

Primary Logomark

There are two versions available for light and dark backgrounds.

Use your best judgement to select which logo works best with your background.

brand primary logo light brand primary logo dark

Secondary Logomark

When horizontal space is an issue the vertical lockup can be used.

The primary logo should always be first choice.

brand secondary logo light brand secondary logo dark

For applications smaller than 200px in width, use the bolded logomarks below.

horizontal bolded logo vertical bolded logo


Allow space for the height of the wordmark of the PacketFabric emblem all the way around the logo.

Maintain clearspace equal to 11/2x between the emblem and the wordmark.

how clearspace should be used around the logo


The PacketFabric logo emblem can sometimes be used on its own.

This only applies when the name PacketFabric can be seen elsewhere in the same layout.

When using the emblem it must always be in color.

PacketFabric Emblem
PacketFabric Emblem

1 Color Logo

Use the monochrome versions of the logo when color cannot be used.

For example, when adding the logo to an image or a complicated background.

The emblem on its own must never appear monochromatic.

monochromatic logo example on green background monochromatic logo example on black background

Incorrect Logo Use

Please do not apply the following:

several examples of incorrect logo use

Color Palette

Brand Green
RGB: 77, 212, 134
CYMK: 64, 0, 37, 17

RGB: 48, 17, 165
CYMK: 71, 90, 0, 35

Stratosphere Blue
RGB: 40, 119, 243
CYMK: 84, 51, 0, 5

RGB: 32, 198, 181
CYMK: 84, 0, 9, 22

RGB: 105, 60, 243
CYMK: 57, 75, 0, 5

RGB: 247, 159, 49
CYMK: 0, 36, 80, 3

RGB: 183, 224, 83
CYMK: 18, 0, 63, 12

RGB: 227, 227, 227
CYMK: 0, 0, 0, 11

RGB: 119, 136, 153
CYMK: 22, 11, 0, 40

RGB: 0, 0, 0
CYMK: 0, 0, 0, 100