Webair Case Study

Webair supports their Enterprise customers by using PacketFabric as an on-ramp to AWS

The Challenge

Webair offers a complete portfolio of fully managed services, including off-site backups, disaster recovery-as-a-service, managed security, cloud storage, and more.

Acting as a conduit for all of its customers’ cloud usage, Webair uses AWS as a key component of its disaster recovery and offsite backup services. Many of Webair’s clients have intensive security and compliance requirements, and Webair needed to expand its options for sending traffic to AWS over a secure network.

The Solution

PacketFabric proposed establishing a direct, secure connection to AWS using its cloud on-ramp product. This would allow Webair to connect to AWS via PacketFabric, for customer use cases in which AWS was the most appropriate solution.

webair network diagram

The Results

  • Using PacketFabric to connect to AWS provides added flexibility for Webair’s customer base.
  • Being able to offer multi-cloud management to customers who have production workloads in AWS has increased Webair’s competitive advantage.
  • PacketFabric gives Webair instant access to expanded infrastructure without the need to build or manage it themselves.

About Webair

Webair provides customers with Managed Hosting solutions, supplying all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run nearly any web hosted application – from Internet to enterprise server solutions. Webair’s technical specialists create next-generation, custom solutions for even the most complex, clustered infrastructures.

To learn more about Webair, please visit https://www.webair.com/.

“Webair got up and running with AWS connectivity through PacketFabric very quickly. Our customers are very compliance and security minded, and being able to send traffic to AWS over PacketFabric’s secure network has been a huge win for us.”

– Sagi Brody, Chief Technology Officer, at Webair