Cloud Connectivity Updates

We’re kicking off 2020 with a huge update to our cloud connectivity service!

What’s included: sub-1Gbps speeds, lower pricing, many additional on-ramps, and support for AWS Transit Gateway.

Keep reading for more details.

Sub 1Gbps Capacity

Since launching our cloud connectivity offering in January 2018, lower monthly capacity has been the most requested feature from our customers, and we’re excited to deliver.

We’re now offering speeds below 1Gbps, from 50Mbps up to 500Mbps. We’ve also streamlined existing tiers at 1Gbps and above.

Lower Monthly Pricing for Hosted Cloud Connectivity

We’ve dramatically reduced monthly costs for Hosted Cloud Connectivity, by up to 80% for metro connections, and by up to 43% for long-haul connections.

Check out our cloud connectivity pricing page to see all current cloud connectivity pricing.

Many Additional On-Ramps to AWS and GCP

We’ve added a ton of new interconnections with both AWS and Google Cloud Platform, bringing us to a total of 26 interconnections with AWS in 13 markets, and 20 interconnections with Google Cloud in 10 markets.

You may have noticed we’ve got twice as many interconnects as we do markets; that’s no coincidence. Combine more available interconnections with our lower pricing for Hosted Cloud Connectivity, and it’s easier than ever to create redundant connections to AWS and GCP over our platform.

Support for AWS Transit Gateway

Finally, we now support private connectivity to AWS Transit Gateway. If you’re unfamiliar, AWS Transit Gateway allows customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks to a single gateway.

To explain what Transit Gateway could do for your AWS infrastructure, here’s an example diagram. Without using Transit Gateway, you’d need to peer each Amazon VPC to each other and to each onsite location with a VPN connection. This works, but becomes increasingly complex as you scale.

With Transit Gateway, you simply connect each Amazon VPC or VPN to the AWS Transit Gateway, and it will route traffic to and from each VPC or VPN. This provides the same benefits with fewer connections required, and a much easier network configuration to manage.

This will greatly simplify how AWS customers build complex applications, and we’re very excited to be among the first network operators to support private connectivity to AWS Transit Gateway.

Check out our Press Release

We officially released this news at PTC 2020 – read the PR here for more detail, and insight from our leadership team on this product update.

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