Building the Most Partner-Friendly NaaS in the Market

Announcing our Reseller Portal!

The cloud is making a dramatic impact on reseller and MSP business, as enterprises move to build a hybrid and multi-cloud core based on colocation data centers, public cloud instances, and enterprise SaaS. Channel partners, resellers, and MSPs are all building new, cloudy, subscription-based businesses as their clients undergo this transformation. But how can partners offer private, high-performance connectivity to tie that mission-critical enterprise cloud core together, without being shackled by slow and inflexible telco contracts?

The answer is PacketFabric Network-as-a-Service. Today, we’re excited to announce our new multi-tenant reseller portal, built expressly for partners, so you can offer and manage powerful data center, WAN, and cloud connectivity services for your customers in real-time. This is another step in our quest to build the most partner-friendly NaaS platform in the market.

We Mean Business with Partners

PacketFabric is all in on partners. We’ve committed to aggressively growing the share of our revenue delivered through partners. Over the last year, that share has more than doubled. But we’re not done. And with the launch of our reseller portal, we’re taking the next step in this journey, because we believe that partners are an indispensable part of helping enterprises transform their IT architectures.


What Does the Reseller Portal Mean for Partners?

The PacketFabric NaaS self-service portal has set the standard for ease of use, transparency, and speed of provisioning for WAN and cloud connectivity services, including point-to-point, data center interconnect, hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity. With the launch of our reseller portal, channel partners such as VARs, Systems Integrators (SIs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Data Center Operators (DCOs), and Telecom providers now have the ability to leverage a multitenant experience to instantly provision and offer client self service for PacketFabric connectivity solutions.

Via the reseller portal, you can:

  • Provision private, telco-grade connectivity for your customers between hundreds of data centers, public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM and Oracle; SaaS like Salesforce and Cisco Webex, and Internet Exchange providers like DE-CIX, SF-MIX, and United IX
  • Easily manage and visualize customer environments
  • Access invoicing so you can see how much business you’re doing with PacketFabric at a glance

Resell your way!

PacketFabric offers several options for partners to fit the needs of your unique business, selling and customer support motions.

With the reseller portal, you can now provide your customers with their own connectivity cloud experience. Empower them to view their services, statistics, and self-provision all of our services. You get all of this without the need to build or develop your own customer-facing portal.

You can also offer connectivity as a managed service and manage per-customer connectivity services on their behalf. It’s your choice.

You can also automate your interactions. See API documentation for the reseller portal in our knowledge base.

What Do Our Partners Think?

We’ve had a number of our partners working with us to develop and refine the reseller portal. Here’s what John Judd, Senior Cloud Architect from CVE Technologies Group, Inc. had to say.

“The PacketFabric reseller portal unlocks a world of on-demand data center, hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity services for partners to leverage as we assist enterprises in their cloud journey. We see this as a golden opportunity to make our customers more successful and grow our cloud and connectivity business.”

Get Started Today

Getting started with our reseller portal is simple. Contact your partner manager to sign up for access to the Reseller Portal. Once you have access simply complete your company profile, add admin users, and you are ready to start connecting your customers. Learn more in our knowledge base. Not yet a PacketFabric partner? Inquire about partnership now.