5 Hidden Costs of Managing Your Own WAN

While cloud-native companies are increasingly adopting Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for WAN management, many enterprises have been sticking to the more traditional route: managing their own WAN environments. 

As we discussed in a recent blog, the hesitancy around NaaS adoption may stem from the solution utilizing newer, more innovative technologies, ones that aren’t yet considered time-tested. But is the “safer” option—owning and operating your own WAN—actually costing your organization valuable time and resources? 

Join us as we explore the top five hidden costs of managing your own WAN. 

1. Cost of owning and operating the network to deliver reliable performance

The sizable time investment (and often unexpected overhead cost) of owning and operating your own network can be overwhelming for an organization that wasn’t built to run a network. It’s common for a company to experience high set-up costs and spend long hours mitigating security risks and management issues.

2. Difficulty and cost in hiring and maintaining network expertise

Since most engineers don’t seek out the training needed to set up interconnection and traffic engineering, finding experienced network engineers with the right level of expertise is an expensive and difficult task—and training internal teams can be incredibly time-consuming. Read more on this topic here.

3. Wasted expense in stranded bandwidth as your network needs shift

The traffic patterns for your business are constantly changing. If your network isn’t designed to scale up and down with you and handle those shifts in usage, you’ll find yourself paying for bandwidth you’re not using. Automation and programmability are key to ensuring you only pay for what you need.

4. Lost opportunity costs due to a lack of consumption flexibility

Like everything in business, time is of the essence; but a network without consumption flexibility can mean delayed connectivity to partners or sites to establish new business opportunities. And every day you aren’t reacting to potentially lucrative business opportunities equals lost costs for your organization. 

5. Growing complexity in public, hybrid, and multi-cloud connectivity

Everything about the way we work is changing, including how we connect. If your team doesn’t have experience with the ins and outs of hybrid, multi-cloud connectivity, you’ll spend more time than you bargained for getting your WAN set up and performing to the high standards your organization demands.

Control More, Own (and Stress) Less 

Long story short, you don’t need to buy, own, and operate your network to get the right network for your business. PacketFabric’s TruNaaS™ provides an automated portal enabling self-provisioning of on-demand, real-time services to help you stay agile and scale up or down your network usage as needed, without trading performance or resilience. This means our customers control more of their network without needing to own or manage it. 

With our flex bandwidth pricing, there are never any billing surprises. Get the bandwidth you need when you need it—and only pay for what you use. Interconnection skill gap? Working with PacketFabric gives you instant access to a team of network and connectivity professionals, no hiring or training required. 

Think of PacketFabric as the easy button for your WAN initiatives, a partner that enables you to skip the complexity and optimize costs so you can focus on what matters most to your business. 

Still have questions? Schedule a demo with our network experts today to see how TruNaaS™ can change the way your business connects.