PacketFabric Releases Industry’s First Hourly Billing for 100Gbps Data Center Interconnection

Highly consumable backbone connectivity revolutionizes price-performance for backup, disaster recovery, migration, and other use cases

CULVER CITY, Calif. — November 10, 2021 — PacketFabric, the leading provider of on-demand connectivity for the enterprise cloud core, today announced that it has released hourly billing for data center interconnect (DCI) backbone virtual circuits (VCs), at speeds up to 100Gbps across nearly 200 global points of presence (PoPs).

PacketFabric customers can now create hourly backbone VCs on demand via the PacketFabric portal and API. In addition, customers can dynamically provision burstable bandwidth on an hourly basis, above term-based backbone VCs.

“The cloud is what happens to traditional infrastructure when you automate and make it hyper-consumable,” said Anna Claiborne, PacketFabric Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. “At PacketFabric, our mission is to turn the inflexible slog of getting premium-grade network connections into a rocket-fueled network multi-tool, just like interaction you expect from cloud providers. Hourly backbone VCs up to 100Gbps, deployed in minutes, are a first. This new capability is a significant step forward in pushing the networking industry towards the vision of true bandwidth on demand.”

Optimal price performance for migration, backup, and disaster recovery
Hourly backbone bandwidth offers the flexibility and price-performance needed for one-time IT initiatives like data center migrations, as well as for asymmetric data movements required by backup and disaster recovery use cases. By comparison, long-term, inflexible connectivity services require enterprises to either spend wastefully over time to achieve the speeds needed for initial backups and recovery, or risk IT resiliency and business continuity by deploying only lower cost bandwidth to support incremental backups, which can lead to unacceptably long recovery timeframes.

Flexibility to support application bursting
With backbone VC bursting capabilities, IT and digital operations teams can automate bursting above term bandwidth rates up to port speeds and pay on an hourly basis. Bursting tailors bandwidth levels to meet cyclical, infrequent or unpredictable demand patterns, without needing to commit long-term to the highest bandwidth peak, thereby delivering optimal performance while right-sizing network operations costs.Bandwidth bursting offers benefits to a variety of use cases across many industries, such as transferring dailies in media and entertainment production, data-intensive updates to MRI and other healthcare systems, and quarterly or seasonal variations in IT demand for retail, financial and hospitality companies.

Affordable and accessible pricing
Hourly backbone VC bandwidth pricing is competitive and affordable, with long-haul VCs available for under a dollar per hour in North America. The affordability of pay-by-the-hour, private optical WAN services unlocks more choices for IT and digital operations teams so that connectivity can meet every business need.

About PacketFabric
PacketFabric is the Connectivity Cloud, designed from the ground up for elasticity, scale, performance, programmability, and security without compromise, enabling enterprises to build an agile cloud core that delivers optimal digital business outcomes. PacketFabric’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform leverages a massively scalable private optical network, the latest in packet switching technology, and end-to-end automation. PacketFabric delivers on-demand, private, and secure connectivity services between hundreds of premier colocation facilities and cloud providers across the globe. IT, network, and DevOps teams can deploy cloud-scale connectivity in minutes via an advanced Application Program Interface (API) and web portal. PacketFabric was recognized as the “2021 CRN Emerging Vendor, 2020 Fierce Telecom Innovation Award for Cloud Services,” a Futuriom 40 Top Private Company, and a “2020 Cool Vendor in Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity” by Gartner. PacketFabric investors include NantWorks and Digital Alpha Advisors. For more information, visit

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