PacketFabric Terraform Provider Version 0.2 is Live

We’re excited to announce the latest version of our Terraform provider! PacketFabric Terraform provider version 0.2 is now live. This release expands your ability to manage cloud infrastructure, and adds the ability to control network connectivity via Terraform.

Manage Network Infrastructure

You can now use PacketFabric Terraform provider to automatically manage private network infrastructure:

  • Create and manage ports
  • Create and manage Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs)
  • Create and manage outbound cross connects
  • Create and manage backbone virtual circuits

More Cloud Provider Options

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are now available

New Features

Activity logs have been added; you’re able to see what’s happened and filter by Event, Time Created, User, and more. See Activity Log documentation here.

Expanded Use Cases

Our team has added additional use cases to make it easier to get started: check out our Use Cases to see examples for creating ports and virtual circuits, Google Hosted Cloud connections, Azure Hosted Cloud connections, and more.

Get Started with PacketFabric’s Terraform provider

Here’s a few resource links to help you get started:

Announcing PacketFabric Terraform provider

PacketFabric Terraform provider on Github

PacketFabric Terraform provider documentation

PacketFabric Terraform registry

Learn More

Already familiar with Terraform and want to see how you can add network infrastructure to the mix? Check out our services, request a demo or just register an account and get started today.