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PacketFabric Space

Build an agile cloud data core with high-performance, distributed and hyper-connected object storage

Digital Business Needs an Agile Cloud Data Core

Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations. Rising cloud adoption, hybrid work, plus data-intensive business processes and work collaboration demand an agile approach to storing, accessing, and moving data to where it can perform the best for the business.

PacketFabric Space offers globally distributed, high-performance object storage, connected by the 50Tbps+ PacketFabric NaaS. Get fast, secure, collaboration-friendly storage with a predictable cost structure.

Performance optimized for superior user experience

Data protection via Immutability and end-to-end encryption

Geo-distributed with global locking and synchronization

Predictable pricing with no ingress, egress, or API fees

Get Real-Time, Secure, Collaboration-Friendly Object Storage

PacketFabric Space is a distributed object storage service that offers high performance, robust security, and a simple consumption model. Leveraging massively scalable connectivity via the PacketFabric Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, Space enables enterprises to cost-effectively store, distribute, and move data on demand.

Build a real-time object storage layer for optimal user experience. Maintain data protection with data immutability, erasure encoding, and end-to-end encryption. Share object replicas for teams working across locations and maintain data consistency across objects on a global basis.

All this is provided in a predictable cost and management model. This means that businesses can control and forecast on both the financial and technical levels all aspects of their object storage use. The simple ‘no surprises’ solution makes this an effective answer to all of an enterprise’s object storage needs.

Flexibility for Your Cloud Storage Journey

PacketFabric Space is the perfect choice for customers looking for a solution to archive and back-up requirements as part of their cloud adoption strategy. Being fully compatible with S3 means customers can use Space as the storage bucket for most of the leading backup and archive solutions in the marketplace.

Customers can elect to connect over the internet or take advantage of the superior connectivity provided by PacketFabric’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. Start your cloud storage journey with a simple, secure, performant solution that charges a standard monthly fee with no additional egress or API call charges.

Predictable Pricing Model

PacketFabric Space makes it easy to understand and plan your cloud storage costs,
with predictable pricing and no ingress, egress, or API fees.

Hyper-Connect Your Cloud Data Architecture

PacketFabric provides a global, carrier-class Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform leveraging a highly resilient 50+Tbps private optical network and end-to-end automation. Connect your entire hybrid and multi-cloud storage architecture in minutes. You get agility, performance, scale, security, programmability, five-nines reliability, and native visibility without compromise.

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Cloud Storage Customer Success Stories

Kadokawa Connected improved customer digital experience including its industry-leading niconico video community service

Smule, the social singing app, augmented its data center-based object storage with PacketFabric, leading to improved performance and cost-savings

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