November 2020 Credit Suisse Report: How PacketFabric is Disrupting Existing Networks

In this report, you will hear from Credit Suisse what Network-as-a-Service companies like PacketFabric mean for the communications infrastructure market.

In this report, Credit Suisse Communications Infrastructure/Telecom & Networking Research Analyst Sami Baldri highlights the key takeaways from a recent webinar featuring PacketFabric’s CEO Dave Ward and Chief Commercial Officer Jezzibell Gilmore.

The report looks at how PacketFabric is expecting growth accelerations in 2021/2022 by disrupting existing networking business. Networking-as-a Service is indexed to a $158B TAM and is empowering the digital transformation of global enterprises.

PacketFabric is a next generation network service provider that re-architects how companies build and use network services. In this report from Credit Suisse, you’ll learn how Network-as-a-Service companies like PacketFabric are impacting the communications infrastructure market.