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PacketFabric offers secure, private connectivity to Webair
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Webair provides fully managed cloud and infrastructure solutions delivered through secure, private, and low-latency connections. Webair's services are completely air-gapped from the public internet, with full end-to-end data encryption to customer premises. As an owner of data centers around the globe, Webair takes responsibility for networking to its customers' premises, and manages all cloud infrastructure at its sites. This provides customers with one point of accountability and security for their entire stack.

Webair’s off-site backups and disaster recovery solutions ensure multiple protection tiers with instant recovery from Ransomware as well as human, infrastructure, and application failures. This works via a global network of recovery sites, or Azure for VMware, Hyper-V, IBM Power I, and physical servers.

PacketCOR offers instantaneous, private, and secure connectivity to Webair, at speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. From any of our on-net locations, you can instantly access fully managed cloud and infrastructure services provided by Webair.

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PacketFabric is an Official Webair Partner

We offer secure connectivity to Webair's fully managed cloud and infrastructure services, instantly accessible from any point on our fabric.

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We make connecting to Webair better in every way.
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Bypass the security risks of the public internet by using our private network to connect to Webair.

Reliable Architecture

Our fully redundant architecture means your connection won't be interrupted.

Built to Scale

We focus on high-bandwidth connectivity, with plenty of room to grow on our terabit-scale network.

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