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PacketFabric offers secure, private connectivity to Packet
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Built for developers, Packet is the perfect partner for a variety of use cases that shine on bare metal, but often struggle on top of multi-tenant clouds like AWS or GCE.

With Packet, you get the best of both dedicated servers and virtualized, big box clouds: a highly automated, on-demand infrastructure solution with no Layer 2 vlans, forced multi-tenancy, or hypervisor tax.

PacketCOR makes it simple to connect to Packet in multiple availability zones from any of our on-net locations. Connection speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps are available, for both metro and long-haul connectivity.

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PacketFabric is an Official Packet Connectivity Partner

We offer secure connectivity to all cloud services offered by Packet, instantly accessible from any point on our fabric.

Why PacketFabric?

We make connecting to Packet better in every way.
Instant Provisioning

Start by connecting to Packet from your PacketFabric web portal in less than a minute.

Secure Connectivity

Bypass the security risks of the public internet by using our private network to connect to Packet.

Reliable Architecture

Our fully redundant architecture means your connection won't be interrupted.

Built to Scale

We focus on high-bandwidth connectivity, with plenty of room to grow on our terabit-scale network.

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