Free Service in Response to COVID-19

We stand together.

During a public health crisis like the one we’re all facing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. We at PacketFabric are doing our part to take care of our employees, who have all worked remote since joining PacketFabric, and enforcing strict only essential travel policies and other safety measures. We have taken proactive measures to ensure the resiliency of our services and operations to support the growing need of network connectivity.

We are taking our efforts a step further and marshaling our resources to help organizations with additional capacity needs and/or increased network resiliency requirements. We are offering our private interconnection services free of charge to all government, education, and healthcare organizations that are working hard in response to COVID-19.

It’s during these trying times that we can exhibit our best selves by practicing compassion, selflessness, and patience. You have my commitment, and that of the entire PacketFabric team, to be here for you and our collective community.

We look forward to the world pulling together and emerging successfully from this challenge.


Chad Milam
CEO, PacketFabric

How We Can Help

  • Private connectivity to cloud providers
  • Point-to-point network services
  • Easy custom networking
  • Get services up and running in minutes

Please contact us for more information.