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Build an Agile Cloud Data Core

Connect, access, move, and protect your data with optimal speed, scale, and cost-efficiency with the PacketFabric Data Connectivity Cloud

Your Data Needs to Move to Drive Performance

Accelerate your business with hyper-connected storage and data mobility solutions

Distributed Object Storage

Get fast, secure, distributed S3 storage with PacketFabric Space

Global Connectivity

Connect your hybrid and multi-cloud data architecture with PacketFabric NaaS

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Data Mobility as a Service

Simplify cross-cloud data movement with PacketFabric Transporter

Hyper-Connect Your Cloud Data Architecture

PacketFabric provides a global, carrier-class Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform leveraging a highly resilient 50+Tbps private optical network and end-to-end automation. Connect your entire hybrid and multi-cloud storage architecture in minutes. You get agility, performance, scale, security, programmability, five-nines reliability, and native visibility without compromise.

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Cloud Storage Customer Success Stories

Kadokawa Connected improved customer digital experience including its industry-leading niconico video community service

Smule, the social singing app, augmented its data center-based object storage with PacketFabric, leading to improved performance and cost-savings

Cloud Storage Partners

Learn about PacketFabric cloud storage and data mobility technology and solution provider partners.

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