Cloud Promotion

Please note: Free connectivity is subject to maintaining customer account in good standing. PacketFabric reserves the right to terminate service if customer does not pay port charges or other account fees when due. Customer is responsible for establishing and maintaining their own account with the cloud service provider.

What we're offering:

For every new 10Gbps or larger port ordered in either the Chicago or Silicon Valley metro markets, we're offering a 500Mbps connection to any cloud service provider on our fabric, free for up to 12 months.

From your new port, you can connect to any cloud provider, located anywhere in the continental United States. This offer is available until October 31, 2018, to both new and existing clients.

Getting started is easy - you can sign up below, or contact our team for more details.

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Here's how it works.

Order a new 10Gbps or faster port in Chicago or Silicon Valley
Choose one of our cloud service partners, anywhere in the United States
Our onboarding team gets your new cloud connection up and running

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