Quickly maturing startup seeking like minded Technical Program Manager! PacketFabric has revolutionized how companies procure, deploy, and manage network connectivity with our network-as-a-service platform. The product team is a small, talented, and close knit group and we need some who has a passion for business systems and well kept data.

What PacketFabric Offers

  • The chance to disrupt the entrenched Internet infrastructure industry.
  • A supportive and optimistic team that likes to learn from each other.
  • A product development pipeline that’s always pushing new features and enhancing the quality of existing products.
  • The opportunity to work with many different technologies.
  • The opportunity to work with lots of open source technology.
  • A small company culture.
  • A flat reporting structure.
  • Great health, dental, and 401(k) for US residents.

What PacketFabric Doesn’t Offer

  • Lack of direction: we maintain a clear roadmap and product pipeline.
  • Pre-meetings: we don’t hold meetings to plan other meetings.
  • A commute: no hours wasted in megaregion rush hour traffic.
  • A dress code: a robe and slippers is acceptable attire any day of the week.


As a well rounded technical program manager, your technical leadership will make a big impact on the business. You should have a healthy appreciation of facing a variety of diverse challenges outside of your comfort level and working under pressure. This position focuses on our backend business systems for customer billing, circuit management and contracts. A typical day in the life of a BSS Technical Program Manager might include:

  • Owning the product roadmap for the customer billing system, contracts management, sales tools, asset management and providing input on related roadmaps.
  • Working with the executive management team to keep projects on schedule and within the budget you create for the project.
  • Work with end users, software, and systems engineering teams to gather requirements and scope projects. Create detailed technical requirement documents,workflows, and service mockups to define the project and tasks required for implementation.
  • Working with software engineering to implement systems, test, and deploy systems - reviewing code and architecture as needed to ensure program goals are met.
  • Keep the big picture and high level objectives in mind while being able to problem solve daily unique engineering challenges.
  • Explaining engineering analysis and recommendations to executives, then flipping the script and explaining product trade offs to engineers, all the while keeping scale and long term viability in mind with trade offs for faster execution.
  • Researching additional ideas you may have to improve the product/platform overall and sharing with the product team.


The candidates who will excel in this role probably have a CS degree, a solid background working in software engineering, a good dose of financial knowledge, and just happened to naturally gravitate towards planning and creating amazing products.

  • Previous experience as a software engineer.
  • Familiarity with telecommunications circuits, data center operations and/or deployments, and various forms of Internet connectivity.
  • Understanding of intermediate financial and accounting concepts that allow you to communicate well with our CEO and CFO.
  • Proficiency with Python, SQL and probably many more languages.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, that accompany excellent organizational skills.
  • A never ending drive to solve complex problems and drive projects to completion.
  • Experience creating key performance metrics, and financial business intelligence to enable decisions at the executive level.
  • The mindset to automate everything, all the time.
  • Never afraid to question notions or beliefs of how things should be done.
Preferred Experience
  • A huge plus for involvement in physical infrastructure deployment, data center procurement, or telecommunications procurement.
  • Previous experience managing the creation of accounting systems and/or BSS systems.
  • Experience with software engineering in large distributed systems, or large scale infrastructure providers.